Kitchen Upgrades That Focus On Accessibility

13 September 2022
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Cramped kitchen quarters may make meal prep sessions hectic. Limited space could relate to the design of your kitchen. A kitchen remodeling project that focuses on accessibility will support organization when using appliances and fulfilling your family's meals. 

Walkways And An Entryway

Your kitchen remodeling plans should include the number of walkways that you would like to be supplied with. If multiple walkways will be needed to use various appliances within the kitchen, your contractor will highlight these details in your plans. Measurements of the areas where you or your family members will be walking will be taken.

A chart or computer software program can be used to allocate space for various kitchen tasks. If the entryway to your kitchen seems too restrictive, your contractor can widen the doorway. Any issues that have been making the kitchen space seem closed off should be mentioned, which will allow your contractor to offer solutions that can be implemented during the remodeling project.

Space Saving Appliances

A bulky stove that is situated directly next to a full-sized refrigerator or another large appliance could be taking up quite a bit of your floor space. Space-saving appliances include wall ovens and other cook aids that can be recessed into one of the walls within the kitchen. Stackable appliances can also save space, without compromising the ability to cook a wide range of meals.

Your contractor may inquire about your cooking and storage habits. This will help them determine which type of space-saving appliances will be best suited for your kitchen. If there are any appliances that you seldom use, you may want to consider parting with them and allocating the space where they were located for some new kitchen aids that will be more beneficial to your needs.

User-Friendly Storage And Prep Materials

Reaching up high to grab spices or fumbling with drawers or floor cabinets to locate cooking gear can be disruptive to your meal prep sessions. Ergonomic storage and prep materials will provide comfort and accessibility.

Storage drawers that easily roll out, counters that are adjustable, and cabinets that are within reach can be great assets to your newly-remodeled kitchen. Ask your contractor about some user-friendly storage and prep materials that will make your kitchen more functional. The additions that you choose can all be constructed of the same materials. This will add a level of cohesiveness to the room as a whole.