What To Do In Advance Of A Storm Damage Repair Project

11 July 2022
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Storm damage repair work requires significant preparation, and that includes some effort on the part of the customer. If you're preparing for a storm damage restoration contractor to visit your place, you can do these four things in advance of the project.

Secure the Affected Area

Especially if the storm punched a hole in the building or knocked some windows, you don't want to leave those openings exposed. Leaving them open can encourage animals to get into the structure, and that's a surprise no storm damage restoration contractor wants. Openings also can encourage water to get in when subsequent weather happens. Similarly, people may get into the building if there's no one there to stop them.

If you're sure a spot isn't accessible, you can use heavy sheets of plastic to cover the openings. Whenever there are accessible areas, you may also want to nail a sheet of plywood to the opening to make it harder for animals or people to access the building.

Air Out if Possible

Letting air in on dry days can make a major difference if the affected area is wet. Be careful about using fans, though. Especially if there is wood in the affected area, quickly drying the materials out can cause warping. If you're not sure what to do, ask the contractor about bringing in industrial-size, low-speed fans to dry the space out. They also should have dehumidifiers that slowly dry areas.

Be Careful

Damaged structures often pose numerous hazards. If a tree punched a hole through the roof, for example, there may be nails scattered through the space from where shingles were anchored originally. Broken windows can leave behind shards of glass, as can many shattered picture frames, mirrors, plates, and other objects.

If you want to into the area, use clothes you don't care about. Ideally, wear think pants and shirts. Thick gloves are also necessary for handling anything. You should also wear thick boots with steel plates to protect against the possibility of metal hitting your foot. However, if at all possible, it's best to leave clean-up work to the contractors.

Also, don't mess around anywhere there might be electricity in contact with water. Nothing in that space is worth risking your life.

Document Everything

You will most likely be filing an insurance claim for storm damage repair needs. Take pictures of everything from a safe vantage point. Write down what was lost and where it was.

If you have images of what the affected spaces looked like, provide those to your insurer and the contractors. These can assist in determining how to restore the building.