Might You Be Planning On Installing A New Siding? Here Are 2 Major Factors That Affect The Costs

1 June 2022
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Your exterior can make or break your home. Consider a new siding to protect your investment and avoid excessive maintenance. A well-installed siding protects your home from rain, humidity, moisture, and pests. As you plan your new siding project, consider that there are steps to follow for you to be happy with the results. Generally, a siding installation can be costly, given the immense benefits it offers. Here are two factors that will affect siding installation.

The Material You Will Be Using

Which siding material do you intend on using? You have four options that include cement fiber, vinyl, foam-backed vinyl, and wood siding. Vinyl is the most affordable of all options, while cement fiber is the costlier option. Many homeowners prefer vinyl siding because of its affordability and ability to mimic other materials such as wood. Another reason vinyl is such a popular siding option is because it is available in various colors and styles. A vinyl installation is easy to clean, not easily affected by pests, and can even come with a lifetime warranty. 

On the other hand, while fiber cement is costlier than the other siding materials, it is more durable and can be shaped into various styles and textures. Your installation will also be energy efficient and fire-resistant.  Also, consider that some materials have hidden costs. For instance, though wood is cheap, it requires more maintenance than other siding materials. So consider this when picking a wooden siding. The general rule of thumb is that the costlier the material, the easier and cheaper it is to maintain it.

The Installations

Siding installations depend on various factors. For example, some homeowners may ask for additional materials that consume more time and labor to install. You also want to factor in the time you choose to install the siding and avoid peak seasons such as spring when installation cost is higher compared to the winter season.

Your home's design also plays a major role. For instance, installations on a simple home design can be pretty straightforward. Compared to distinct installations that may require more time and labor. Similarly, smaller homes do not need a lot of details as large ones do, given diameters and additional stories. Finally, decide if you will remove the old siding or install a new layer over it. All these may decrease the siding installation costs.

Keep in mind that every home is different; hence there is no standard cost for a siding installation. You can find out more about how much it will cost by speaking to a handyman.