How To Deal With That Pesky Tree Stump

1 November 2021
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Once you have removed the tree, you have the job of removing the stump. Stumps are stubborn remnants of once-living things that won't go away quietly or easily. Even after you've cut your tree down, it still wants to be alive. Removing the stump is not only hard work; it can be dangerous work, too. Here are some things you want to know about removing pesky stumps:

Tree Stump Problems

Tree stumps are a nuisance. They stick out, and they grow around. They make it hard to mow the lawn. They can also cause other issues, such as hazards, and make it difficult to care for landscaping or do projects in outdoor spaces.

Stump removal is not just a matter of aesthetic satisfaction. Removing a stump can affect the health of your yard. A stump is a home for many kinds of insects, and many of them, like the white grub, are pests that can damage trees. These remains of trees can also harbor fungus and attract animals that build nests like squirrels and chipmunks.

Before Beginning Stump Removal

Stump removal is a tricky business. For one thing, it's hard to get rid of the stump. Often, stump removal requires the help of skilled professionals that are knowledgeable about removing stumps. Thus, special equipment needs to be used, and your property needs to be prepared.

Stump removal is also expensive. Because it involves a lot of heavy equipment, you have to get a permit, and that cost can be expensive. And you have to rent a dumpster, which requires special equipment and insurance. You also need to check for utilities and hazards before the equipment can grind the stump. Finally, you have to make sure the stump removal service can get their equipment to the area where the work needs to be done.

Safe Stump Removal

Most people have no idea how big a problem a tree stump can be. You can't just dig it up. For one thing, it's too close to your house. For another, digging it up may damage your house. Unless a stump is killing something, which may not make much difference to the general quality of life, you have to leave it where it is. When you do have to remove a stump, though, you want to do it safely.

There are precautions you should take when a stump is being removed, such as staying clear of equipment. If you have a rocky yard, remove stones and debris from around the area where the stump needs to be removed. Also, check the location of utilities to make sure there are not any buried conduits, pipes, or gas lines that can cause hazards while the stump is being removed.

Once you have removed the tree, you still need to remove its stump. Contact a stump removal service to get the help you need removing the pesky stump.