Why Remodeling A Bathroom Is A Chance To Get Practical

18 August 2020
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Consulting with a bathroom remodeling contractor is loads of fun. While you're probably excited to see how nice you can make the bathroom look, don't lose track of the opportunities to do practical work, too. Here are 5 you should focus on.

Energy Efficiency

Bathrooms consume a lot in the way of utilities. Water consumption is an obvious issue, and low-flow systems for toilets, showerheads, and faucets each make a major difference. Similarly, upgrading the lights in your bathroom to LEDs will reduce electrical consumption considerably. You also can use windows and mirrors to bring more natural light into the bathroom.

Water Filtration

If you've always had skin or hair issues after showering or bathing, it might be the water. This is often evident from flakey, white stuff that's relatively easy to wipe off the showerhead. You may want to look at water filtration units that tie into your faucets and showerheads to soften water.

Store More Stuff

Your bathroom needs lots of stuff. Towels, rags, washcloths, toilet paper, hairbrushes, toothpaste, and so on. It all needs to go somewhere, and that means a bathroom remodeling job is an ideal opportunity to upgrade the storage. There are loads of options, including putting in racks, adding cabinets, and even using recessed drawers in the wall.

Adding storage will also improve your returns on other work your bathroom remodeling contractor handles. After all, a beautiful new sink doesn't hit the mark as well if it's covered in stuff that should be stowed elsewhere.

A Laundry Chute

If your bathroom isn't already connected to the laundry room, this the time to fix that problem. Adding a laundry chute, especially if the rooms line up easily, will make it much easier to replace towels with the expectation they'll soon be clean. You won't have to lug baskets around the house, either.

Positioning Basic Items

Anyone who has ever found the toilet paper either too far or close at a key moment understands why little and functional problems should be dealt with during a remodel. Don't hesitate to place toilet paper rolls where you need them. Also, look at other options like the position of handrails in or near the shower, the height of the showerhead, and where the soap trays go.

Even if the problem is super minor, look at your existing bathroom and ask whether it can easily be remedied. A bathroom remodeling contractor often has a simple answer that will make your life better. Speak with a bathroom remodeling contractor in your area.