Prep Work That Might Have To Be Done Before Your New Siding Installation

10 June 2020
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You might be aware that prep work has to be done before many construction jobs can begin. This is also true for a siding installation. If you're curious about the prep work that your construction crew might have to take on before installing the new siding on your home, take a look at this list. Although projects do vary, these are typically some of the main steps that have to be taken before new siding can be installed on just about any home. 

Removing Old Siding

Of course, before your new siding can be installed, your siding installation crew will need to remove your old siding. They might take a look at your old siding first to make sure that it actually does need to be replaced since they might otherwise be able to assist you with repairs. If the old siding is in bad shape, they will then proceed to remove it all so they can continue with the next stages of the project.

Disposing Of Old Siding

Before bringing out packages of new siding, your siding installation crew might want to get the old siding out of the way. Typically, this is something that the siding installation company will handle, so you probably will not have to do anything. They may load the old siding onto a truck or trailer and haul it away to a disposal site, for example, or they might rent a dumpster that is designed specifically for construction materials so that they don't have to handle the hauling themselves.

Performing Wall Repairs

If your old siding was damaged, then there is a chance that water might have found its way underneath the siding. This might have resulted in damage to your exterior walls. This damage should be taken seriously since it can compromise the structural integrity of your home and cause you a lot of serious problems later. Even if water damage is not present, some repairs may need to be made. For example, if your exterior walls are very old, some of the wood might need to be replaced due to age-related damage. Either way, a good siding installation crew should ensure that your exterior walls are in good condition before they begin with your siding installation.

Installing Insulation

Ensuring your home is properly insulated is important if you want to protect your home from the elements, cut down on outside noises, and reduce your heating and cooling bills. If new insulation is needed, your siding installation crew might handle its installation before they begin installing your siding.

If you have further questions, contact a siding installation service in your area.