4 Remodeling Projects That Can Make Your Kitchen Feel More Open

11 May 2020
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After buying a home and moving in, you may find that the one thing that prevents you from cooking homemade meals as often as you would like is a kitchen that feels closed in. Since you cannot easily move around most features in a kitchen, you should commit to remodeling. This will give you a chance to make the room feel more open by working on a few impactful projects.


If you have empty space along the exterior kitchen walls, you should not hesitate to install an extra window or two that will automatically make the room feel larger and more inviting. This kind of project provides you with a lot of flexibility with the window design, placement, and size.

Another possible solution is taking your existing windows and replacing them with larger ones, as this will prevent you from having to carve out new areas in the wall to fit in windows.


If you are limited on wall space or if you do not want to go through the process of installing new windows or replacing existing ones, you can add skylights instead. A remodeling company can inspect the kitchen and roof to determine how easy it will be to add skylights. Then, after coming up with plans and getting an estimate, you can determine whether it is the right choice.

Skylights work well in areas that get a lot of annual sunlight hours and where you do not have overhead obstructions such as tall trees or nearby buildings.


Without enough lighting, you will find that certain areas of the kitchen remain quite dark even when the lights are turned on. This can create a small and closed-in feeling that you can easily resolve by installing new light fixtures that solve the problem in these particular areas.

If you have dark cabinetry, you can make them stand out by replacing some of the cabinet doors with glass ones and putting lights inside.


Rearranging the layout may also be an option for making the kitchen feel more open. For instance, if you open the dishwasher, refrigerator, or stove and find that doing so cuts off the only walkway around the kitchen, you should commit to making changes. Also, you may want to take an oversized island and make it smaller to give your family more space to move around.

Taking on several remodeling projects is an effective way to open up your kitchen. Contact a kitchen remodeling company in your area to learn more.