Tips for Finding Your Country Home Location

28 April 2020
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The exodus of city dwellers from overpopulated urban areas to the country is steadily growing. These residents cite the outdoorsy lifestyle, less crime and traffic, and lower housing costs as incentives. The suburban trend is keeping custom home builders, architects, and designers busy. 

More people choose to build than buy outside the city. Your dream home could be affordable in the country where land costs and taxes are lower. But before downloading a home design app, your location preferences will influence many design elements of your custom home. 

Necessities of the Simple Life 

When choosing your new home nestled in the mountains or next to your golf club, points to consider are:

Transportation access—If your family depends on one car, you will require public transportation in the event of car troubles, conflicting schedules, or independent children with activity and social commitments. 

Internet access—The last mile of cable to the home still does not reach many non-urban areas. High capacity bandwidth is becoming a necessity, particularly as more workers telecommute. 

Fire and flood risk—The risk of natural disasters is higher in non-urban areas. Incorporating adaptation strategies is just one advantage of building your own home. A custom home contractor and architect can help you choose a home and landscape design to mitigate these risks. 

Accessibility—Sidewalks and trails to schools and other local amenities connect you and your children to the community.

Aesthetics of Country Living  

If you want a country home, then you might want to look for the following aesthetics to help you find the right land to build.

Land use of surrounding areas—Does your lot back into a park, recreation area, or alley? Or will single row housing go up?

Views—Country homes provide a choice of unobstructed views. Custom home contractors and architects will assess different positions and angles, along with the pros and cons of each. 

Resale value—Ask a real estate appraiser to assess current and future home values. The rate at which property taxes have increased in an area can be an indicator of future value. 

To Buy-or-Build Your New Home  

Once you have decided on a location, the higher availability of cheap land provides more building options. In subdivisions with semi-custom homes, the custom home builder will provide you with options for floor plans, interior and exterior design, and add-ons. The fine craftsmanship of a prefabricated log home may be the perfect abode for your sustainable lifestyle. Once you have designed your ideal home, custom home builders may provide you with more attractive financing options beyond bank mortgages to build it. 

Learn more about finding your next home location by working with custom home builders.