Why Spring And Early Summer Are The Perfect Times To Have New Gutters Installed

27 April 2020
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You can have gutters installed any time of the year, and if your gutters are damaged, it's best to have them replaced rather than wait. If you have time to plan the gutter installation day, you might want to choose a day in the spring or early summer. Here's why.

Winter Is Hard On Gutters

Your gutters may be in need of repair in the spring anyway since winter is a damaging time for gutters. Heavy snow and ice put a lot of weight on the troughs, and that can pull them loose. When gutters pull away from your house, rain can leak near your foundation rather than drain away.

You'll want this problem fixed before the spring and summer rains arrive. Having new gutters put on in the spring ensures the troughs and downspout are ready to handle heavy rain.

You'll Have Time To Monitor For Problems

When you have new gutters installed before or during the rainy season, you'll have a chance to monitor how well they function so you can call for repairs or adjustments if needed. Once autumn sets in, you may not be able to track the performance of your new gutters as well. There will probably be much less rain and the colder temperatures may keep you inside more.

Spring Is A Good Season For Exterior Maintenance

Spring is when many people start yardwork and begin maintenance projects on the exterior of the house. If you do much of your exterior maintenance, such as painting, window washing, and making repairs in the spring, you may want new gutters put on then so everything is done at once and you can enjoy the rest of the year without having to deal with major projects.

You'll Be Ready For Autumn Leaves

Autumn is another season that's hard on gutters because of all the leaves that accumulate in the troughs. When you have new gutters installed, consider having leaf guards put on them so leaves stay out of the gutters and so you have less work to do. When your new gutters are in place with guards on them, you'll be ready for falling leaves, and you may experience the first year you don't have to climb a ladder and dig rotting leaves out of the gutters before cold weather sets in.

Spring is also a more pleasant season for the crew to install gutters, and you might find spring price specials that entice you to have new gutters installed. While spring or early summer may be the perfect times for installing gutters, you don't have to worry if fall or autumn is a better time for you since your gutter installation contractor can install gutters in any season as long as the weather allows it.

For more information, reach out to a gutter installation service near you.