Water Softeners: They Save More Than Your Pipes!

13 April 2020
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Water softeners are often marketed as a means of preserving and protecting your pipes. They remove minerals from the water so those minerals do not end up as limescale buildup in your water lines. This is all true, but it's also not the only reason to invest in a water softener. As it turns out, these handy apparatuses save a lot more than your pipes. Here are some more things your water softener can save.

1. Your Towels

Are you tired of always having stiff, rough towels? You might throw in lots of fabric softener and using dryer sheets in an attempt to soften them, but they still seem to get rougher over time. This is likely because you have hard water; the mineral buildup on the towels is what is giving them the unwanted coarse texture. If you install a water softener, your towels will stay soft and fluffy throughout their lifetime, and you won't have to replace them as often.

2. Your Clothing

The same thing that happens to towels seems to happen to clothing when you have hard water. Once-soft tee shirts get scratchy and uncomfortable, and jeans become so stiff you struggle to pull them on. A water softener will make your clothing softer and more comfortable, and it will also help those clothes last longer.

3. Your Faucets

How many bottles of limescale remover have you gone through over the years in an attempt to keep your faucets and shower heads free from buildup? This mineral buildup is the same mineral buildup that pipes experience when you don't have a water softener. Install a water softener, and your faucets will continue to gleam and run clear — and you can leave that limescale remover on the shelf where it belongs.

4. Your Coffee Maker

Do you seem to go through coffee makers like crazy? Maybe you need to buy a new one every year or two because it stops flowing well or starts leaving a weird taste in your coffee. This is likely because minerals are building up in the coffee maker. Install a water softener, and your coffee maker will keep flowing freely. The same goes for any other appliance that uses water, such as an ice maker.

Installing a water softener is simply a smart move. Anything in your home that comes into contact with water will last longer when it's not being bathed in minerals.

For more information, reach out to a water softeners supplier in your area.