Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Septic Tank

7 April 2020
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A septic tank can't last forever, but it can be all too easy to ignore the signs that the need for replacement is approaching. Unfortunately, if you put off a necessary replacement too long, issues like drain field damage and sewage backups into your home can become an issue. In severe cases, your groundwater and water well may also be affected. The following are the signs that a septic tank replacement is necessary.

Standing Water

Standing water near the area where your septic tank is buried can indicate a leak. This is especially true if the grass in the area seems greener than the rest of the yard and if the area has the odor of raw sewage. Keep in mind that not all standing water issues mean that a tank replacement is necessary. In some cases, leaks may occur due to issues with the pipes or valves that lead into the tank. Leaks may also occur if the tank is too full. A septic service can determine whether the issue can be fixed with a simple repair or septic tank pumping, or if a tank replacement is necessary.

Consistent Clogs

Constant clogs that result in sink and toilet backups can be another sign of a failing tank, especially if your tank is not due for a regular cleaning. As a tank fails and begins to leak, soil and groundwater may seep in and cause the tank to overflow prematurely. The result of this can be sewage backflowing into your home. Clogs and backups will affect every drain in the house if the tank is to blame. A service will need to come out to determine if the problem can be repaired or if replacement is the best option.

Water Quality Issues

If you are on well water, then chances are you have your water tested annually to make sure the quality is safe. If your water testing picks up contaminants that are in line with those produced from sewage and septic systems, then you may have a leaking tank that is tainting your well water. Schedule a prompt septic inspection if this occurs. The service can determine whether the tank is to blame or if there is an issue with your drainfield or another part of the septic system

If you suspect a septic tank leak or failure, call a septic system service immediately for a full inspection. The service can determine whether the problem necessitates a pumping or repair, or if it is time for a tank replacement.

For more information, reach out to a septic system service in your area.