Reasons To Choose Composite Wood When You Get New Siding Installed

30 March 2020
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If your home needs new siding, you're probably interested in siding that has a long life and doesn't need a lot of maintenance. There are several home siding options on the market, but you might want to consider composite wood siding. This siding has an attractive appearance, and it offers these additional benefits.

The Siding Resists Insect Damage

If you'd like to have wood siding on your home, but you don't want the maintenance associated with wood, or the risk of insect damage, the composite wood siding is a good choice. Although the siding is partly wood, it is mixed with other materials that don't attract bugs, so pests such as termites and wood-boring insects won't be a concern.

Composite Wood Is Made With Recycled Material

If you have a lifestyle that minimizes waste and you recycle what you can, then you may appreciate composite wood siding because it is made from recycled materials. The siding is made from sawdust or wood waste that is bound by resins and pressed into boards. The finished siding looks like real wood, but it doesn't have the vulnerabilities of wood due to the added resins.

Proper Installation Eliminates Moisture Problems

When you replace your old siding with composite wood, the installer uses a technique that allows for adequate air circulation around the siding. This is necessary so rain and moisture don't get trapped and increase the risk of mold growing on the siding or walls underneath. In this way, composite wood might even help control mold issues on the exterior of your house.

You Won't Need to Do Many Repairs

Since the siding isn't damaged by bugs or rot, you won't have to spend a lot of time on repairs over the years. Maintaining the siding is easy, since it can be done with a pressure washer or regular garden hose. You'll want to wash the siding occasionally to keep grass stains and dirt off it, and if you choose a dark color, dirt won't show easily.

One of the best reasons for choosing composite wood siding is because of its attractive appearance. The siding looks like real wood with a textured surface, and it comes in the colors of different types of wood. You can choose siding that looks like cedar, but that is more affordable and requires less care.

Talk to a siding installation contractor like those at Keystone Builders Inc to find out if composite wood is the right choice for your home and to learn more about the installation process and ongoing care needed. You might find this siding to be the ideal way to have the rustic look you want for your home without all the work that goes along with real wood siding.