Damages That Can Occur To Your Home's Roof

28 March 2020
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There are many ways that your home's roof can become damaged. Failing to properly address these damages can leave the entire structure vulnerable to suffering widespread damage. Sadly, it is common for a homeowner to fail to appreciate the various threats that can harm their roof.

Solar Damage

It may not seem like the sun will be a source of significant wear for the roof. However, the intense light and heat that the sun will create can be extremely damaging to a roof. Over time, the ultraviolet rays and heat can lead to the roofing materials becoming brittle. While there are protective coatings that can reduce the amount of damage that the sun will cause, these coatings will not provide absolute protection. As a result, you will eventually need to replace either portions or all of the roof.

Water Seepage

Water seeping into the roof is another source of major damage that you will need to address. In addition to this occurring due to small punctures or other openings in the roof, water damage can also result from strong winds driving the rain under the shingles and tiles. Once this problem has occurred, it can quickly result in rot and mold damage. Routine inspections will allow for this type of damage to be more likely to be found before the rot and mold can become too advanced. However, many homeowners will fail to have these inspections done until they notice water stains forming on the roof or walls.

Strong Winds

Intense winds can be another source of damage to the roof as it will have enough force to actually remove the shingles and tiles that are covering it. In addition to this type of dramatic damage, strong winds can be a source of less obvious damage. For example, these winds will actually be able to misalign these coverings so that they will be unable to provide the protection that you may be expecting.


Pest damage can be a major problem for any home as the pests will be able to impact all of the buildings. While homeowners may appreciate the need to keep pests out of the home's interior, they may not realize that these pests can also target the roof. This lack of awareness coupled with the fact that it may not be easy to spot a developing pest problem with the roof can lead to pest problems causing widespread damage to the roof before moving to the home's interior. The type of damage that you will need to have repaired after a major pest problem will largely depend on the pests that caused it. However, moisture damage is a common problem from the nests and droppings that the pests may leave behind.

For more information, contact a local roofing repair specialist.